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Tattoo modeling is still new and a new venture coming into my modeling career life.. but it’s something I’ve always wanted to achieve after all I do love a good tattoo! Fine artwork tells a story of a person I always say.. love something that had a true meaning. Fav tattoo- my fave at the minute that’s on my body would be my little quote of “stay real stay loyal or stay away from me” it speaks so much of me loyalty and been real is a massive part in my life.. but I’m currently on the start with new leg sleeve so I just no I’m going to have a few new favourites to choose from One of the best memorable shoots for me would be shooting on a lakeside shoot and in a music video with 3 of my best girls Nicola-Kate tattoo Shelley and my rocket Harley Clare we had the time of our lives and made some amazing memories something I will cherish forever I don’t think I can answer what I love most as there’s so much I still no I need to experience and see and want to see too. I love the fact we can be ourselves and show our uniqueness of who we are individually Don’t have a favourite tattoo artist but I highly value any whenever I see a good master piece credit to them all as it’s such a gift to be able to do. My personality well.,, Haha I’m definitely a mixed querk.. English traveller American and Spanish 🇨🇱 (chile) I am the upmost loyal and honest person I am definitely a firecracker and no when to stand my ground or especially defend those who I no need it. I’m a big massive heart passionate and a lover than a fighter but I can still be that feisty girl when needed. I will always protect anyone I love and value in my life, I’m bubbly always always! Up for a laugh and definitely act the comedian and make everyone laugh my vocals can be heard miles away (jokes) but I’m definitely just an honest woman that loves and values respect goes a long way with me ❤️



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