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I got into tattoo modelling pretty much as soon as I started getting my first tattoo (as soon as I turned 18) I was already modelling at the time, whilst waiting for a tattoo ironically I was staring at all the beautiful and alternative looking models on the front covers of the magazines in awe dreaming that one day that would be me. From there I got addicted and started covering myself in more ink and having more risqué shoots as time went on. I already had quite an alt look so it wasn’t really a tough transition for me to be honest and suited me well. My favourite tattoo is my gangster shark I have on my leg- it’s old school traditional style it’s just really pretty and bright coloured. He even has a top hat and a monocle- he’s a cool dude. I’ve had many memorable photo shoots with lots of wonderful photographers, as I lean towards creating more out of the ordinary shoots, i think the most iconic was a Jessica Rabbit style we did in an actual club on a stage with an old school mic It looked so cool. I absolutely love it; I enjoy the creative side of planning photo shoots, getting new outfits and creating different looks- being a makeup artist I can change my look drastically using wigs and makeup and I can even do SFX and gore. I just really enjoy getting glammed up and feeling confident it is so empowering showing off the ink and getting some unreal shots you wouldn’t get those with fashion modelling. You meet an awesome variety of people in the industry and it’s so fun, it really does open your world to meeting all types of people and going to different places. Yes; I absolutely love Darren Wrights work, Spicy Ink, Anthony Flemming My tattoos aren’t necessarily meaningful to anyone else but they all mean something to me, whether it’s a favourite animal, spiritual or just a song name. They are all different styles from different artists as I like to change it up and don’t like to get bored of the same style. I am a bit of mixed bag ranging from safari animals to vampires and skulls which totally reflects my character if you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you I’m a mixed bag. They are colourful and black and grey which also reflects my personality and moods… I believe that your body is a canvas and you should paint it!



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