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How did you get into tattoo modelling? Funnily enough it was due to my lack of body confidence. I hated the way I looked, and one day I decided I wanted to try and tackle it and booked in my first ever photoshoot - which was a nude one! Loved seeing myself from a different perspective and here I am years down the line doing it so often!

What is your favorite tattoo and why? I definitely can’t answer that one with a set answer, I have so many tattoos by so many talented artists, and most of them are super different from one another - so many take my love!

Can you share a memorable experience from a photo shoot or modeling gig? I would say a shootfest I went to in South of France a few years ago, I met so many incredible models and photographers and had such a fun time staying with them for w week ☺️

What do you enjoy most about being a tattoo model? I feel that there is such a community within tattoo modelling, I love that! But also I find it enjoying and rewarding thinking up creative concepts and experimenting in lots of different modelling styles!



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