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I got into the modelling industry in general around 10 years ago (2013) doing very standard fashion, however, as I got older I realised I was forcing myself to fit in, and I wanted to be my own person which has lead me to what I do today; I can be myself and do what I love at the same time!

 My favourite is the one my left shoulder blade based on a band that means a lot to me; Ghost.

 I’d have to say it was when I did one of my alternative styled shoots and wore the shirt of one of my favourite bands (Crescent). I then tagged the band in one of the shots; the vocalist contacted me through Instagram after and we have been good friends ever since. Overall though, I make sure each shoot I do has memorable moments as this is what keeps the passion going.

The ability to express myself, show off the things that I love, and allowing me to have a form of creative control in what I do.

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