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Tattoo modelling was my dream since I got my first tattoo. About 5 years ago there was some kind of casting for tattooed models I’ve got noticed by one photographer there and since then I model.


I kinda love all my tattoos but probably my left sleeve is my favourite as my tattoo artist spend a lot of time on it and the details of the art are just incredible.

 ⁠I’m not sure which one I could choose as the most memorable as most of my shoots are memorable. I like to meet new people and work on different styles and from almost every shoot I have such a positive feeling so it would be too difficult to pick just one as I always enjoy most of them.

Probably the travelling and meeting new exciting people.

 My mate Daniel Docekal who did most of my tattoos. He knows my style and he knows exactly what I want even when I sometimes can’t express what I exactly want he gets it right.


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